Jesús Aumatell, publisher

When I launched the emboscall publishing house in 1998, I was able to realize my personal yearning to devote myself to what I was most passionate about: literature and books as their imperishable vehicle.

But since then we are witnessing a shift in the meaning of the word book. In the early 1990’s we were all very clear about what we meant by this term, and we did not doubt the meaning of literature either: the book, a printed representation of a work of creation or a scientist, was, in itself, a unit of sense. As such, it was naturally added to the historical set of books (a constantly growing global corpus), which constituted – including literature – the entirety of human knowledge (also in continuous growth).

The book now we no longer know what it is: if in the early years of the new millennium we talked about considering any production with narrative elements (from a video game to a movie) as a book, there now begins to be “libraries of things”. When anything is a book, we can no longer use this term without specifications to name it the same as it was twenty years ago. We must say “printed book” or “digital book”.

I think from the moment I started producing objects that were listed as books, I realized, though not fully aware until long, that I was contributing to the destruction of that transcendent concept that I myself had in literature. and the book. If I could “make” a book, doing it was already available to anyone. I think that from the moment I started to produce objects that were cataloged as books, I realized, although I was not fully aware of it until much later, that I was contributing to the destruction of that transcendent concept that I had of Literature and the book. If I could “make” (in the physical sense of printing and binding) a book in my own home, doing so was within everyone’s reach. Degradation – vulgarization – is a consequence of democratization: this is part of the evolution of human society. Trying to apply corrections (usually using the argument of excellence, an ancient remnant from when he sent the aristocracy) to this natural process is doomed to failure. It is true that, in the medium term, this allows people to take refuge in it, not so much because of the sympathy that their romantic defense of decadent values ​​awakens in a society that, while lamenting the collapse of an entire world, consumes with enthusiasm the new products that are offered to him, as for the enormous dimensions of the corpse that has remained, of whose carrion they live.

Having assumed this state of affairs, I decided to resume publishing activity, which I decided to retire about two years ago (towards the end of 2017), partly because the awareness of all this that I set out in the previous paragraph had become for me the publishing task is absurd (and more considering that it was very difficult for me, due to circumstantial issues, to continue the process of self-production of books, a process that, in the end, was the only and genuine ideological and material support of ambush), and partly because of the socio-political context (in the face of the repression that the Spanish state initiated over the Catalan people as a result of the referendum on self-determination on October 1, 2017), it has become impossible for me to continue, I have needed all this time to arm myself ideologically and morally for resume publishing activity.

Now I think the search for a universal audience through the network – which involves the use of English, while justifying that of Spanish and any other language of which I can have sufficient knowledge – is the way to the publication of works. While being a Catalan publishing platform that will have its base in the production of the Catalan cultural field, this new proposal will want to be projected worldwide.

The fact that it bears my name reveals the personal nature of this initiative: it will no longer be “emboscall” or any other label with diffuse connotations that the recipient fills to his liking, but “Jesus Aumatell, publisher” who assumes responsibility for the task ; however, “emboscall” may be a “sub-tag” included in the previous one, insofar as it is a reference to a baggage that may, if appropriate, be updated.

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